Fee delivery within the Inverness area.

Hello Inverness.

John M Munro Ltd. and Duncan Fraser & Sons share many values. As businesses that have both been around since the turn of the last century, we appreciate the traditional values and methods of how things used to be done. By respecting this and changing our offering to cater for current taste trends and time constraints of life in 2021, we can offer local award winning products which appeal to every taste.

We are delighted to announce Mark Russell, who has worked for Duncan for nearly 30years, is taking over the day to day running of the shop along with Jeff Macdonald, assistant manager. With a combined service of over 60 years we are more than convinced they will uphold the 1st class quality and customer service you are all used to.

Mark is responsible for the amazing Dry Cure Bacon and Jeff has previously been in charge of Sausage and Pudding manufacture. The first question Mark asked was “What are you going to change?”… The simple reply was very little. A logo here, a uniform there. That’s about it.

To sum our approach to being in Inverness up in 6 words…Same Products, Same Staff, Different Logo.